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You Turn Health Coaching and Cooking Programs Motivate and Inspire Healthy Living and  Well-Being

Health Coaching and Cooking Programs

Feeling your best is just as important as looking your best. I help people from all ages take action to live each day with purpose and enjoy the journey. Whether you have been trying to eat healthily and live vibrantly for years or if you are brand new to the concept, I have your back. I educate clients like you on the small steps you can take to live a healthier lifestyle, to help you be the best version of yourself. 

Each person is unique.
You are unique and so are the challenges you face.

My Holistic Approach to Cooking and Coaching


“Great to Meet You!”  I’m an integrative nutritionist and executive chef who offers personalized health coaching sessions and private or group cooking classes. I have a dream to help people become whole, healthy, and present with health coaching and cooking.

Food nourishes our body as we all know, but it also feeds our spirit. I know many of you work hard every day and when you get home or have a moment to yourself what comes to mind? I think about eating or sipping something delicious and comforting. Each of us has our own unique taste that we crave and that feeds our soul. For me, it is an excellent baguette bread with fresh high-quality butter and cappuccino.  This reminds me of being in Italy, excellent bread and coffee is the norm. When I have things that remind me of Italy it brings me back to wonderful memories and feelings. That’s what food does for us! Pretty remarkable huh? 

Creating healthy meals at home and a healthier lifestyle will require that you invest your time and intention in different ways. If you are ready to make a real change, improve your overall health and wellness, look and feel your best, and take back control over your life, I’m here to help. You will learn to cook with confidence and love not only for yourself but for those you love.

Recipes & Techniques


Recipes are a great place to start, but proper cooking techniques are extremely important for consistent success and fantastic rich flavor.  These recipes will focus on specific tools, quality ingredients and skills to help you love to cook and enjoy every bite.    

Health Coaching

The "You Turn Health Coaching Program" provides 1-on-1 personalized health coaching that focuses on realistic goals that we design together. 

Cooking Classes

Eat healthier and cook with confidence with a variety of cooking programs to choose from.

Cooking Classes>
Chef Consulting & Event Planning

Consulting services are provided for recipes and menus, chef consulting and party planning services.

Recent Posts

If you’re in search of a healthier lifestyle, Trina can help you. Working with Trina is a wonderful experience and I can tell that Trina loves what she does and is dedicated to creativity and inspiring others to eat healthy and live their best life.


Healthy Food

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