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Cooking Lessons and Events

Cooking Class

Need more variety on your kitchen table?

Do you want to learn new cooking methods and techniques?

Do you want to get comfortable cooking for your unique diet?

Are you ready to learn how to make home-cooking an easy and enjoyable way to meet your health goals?

Personal and Group Cooking Classes


Great Reasons to Attend One of Trina's Cooking Classes:

  1. To learn new recipes that you can add to your repertoire at home!

  2. To learn how to incorporate new and healthy ingredients, as well as cooking methods and techniques

  3. Have a great time with friends as you enjoy delicious, nutritious food that you will soon be able to make on your own at home. 


Please explore my upcoming cooking class schedule to find out where you can find me around the Oklahoma City area and secure your spot at one of my events. 


Individual or group classes can be tailored to specific diets and food preferences, creating a unique and enjoyable experience each and every time. Whether primarily for education or for a celebration, your class will be full of fun, wonderful insight, as well as delicious and nutritious. Classes can be interactive or demo style, whichever the host prefers.  Cooking classes are great as gifts for individuals, couples or larger groups for bachelorette parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and more!

What to Expect

Expect to have fun cooking in your kitchen!  You will get a list of items/equipment needed to make the recipe.  We will have a phone call to overview the menu and your event.  Cooking Classes will be personalized virtually or in-person making them convenient for you anytime.  We will go over the details before your event.  We will overview the benefits and skills at the beginning of the class, then get into the cooking skills part. 

Cooking is a skill that never goes away. Trina is an expert you can trust. She exudes positivity and wants to help everyone around her. She impacted my livelihood by helping me feel more confident cooking wholesome meals in the kitchen that I enjoy to eat. Living in a rural Missouri town where there aren't many food choices, Trina has always been a text or facetime away for cooking advice in a bind. We've gone grocery shopping together to pick out ingredients and she taught me how to make lasagna on my husband's birthday. Something so simple was a task I failed multiple times while trying to follow an online recipe. We had a brunch with my lifelong friends where we all learned how to make delicious omelets, an experienceI'll never forget. I was anxious about learning something I never thought I could accomplish, she made it so effortless and fun. I immediately started making omelets on the weekend to show off my new skills to my husband. Every experience I have with her makes me feel confident and in control. She has taught me to be detail-oriented with skills like properly cutting and handling ingredients. I will always be thankful for everything she has taught me. Thank you Trina for changing my life and those around me for the better.


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