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You Turn Health Coaching

I have worked with clients just like you to feel better and look better as they gain control over their health and overall well-being.



If you look into the future what do you see?  What is your dream life like? Does it involve a healthier more balanced lifestyle? Does it include gathering with your friends and family in a wholesome present way?

The moment that was my turning point in the direction of health coaching was when I realized I was stressing out my body and nervous system to the brink of collapse. I would get through each day using coping strategies instead of living in the present. I would wake up early to start the day taking care of two young children and working many hours in a stressful career. I was working as the executive chef for a network of hospitals, going to college full time and raising our two young children. I would cope with coffee, hot tea and unhealthy snacking after work to get me through the next shift of making dinner, homework and being a mom at home. During these stressful years, I lost my mother unexpectedly which left me with unresolved feelings of guilt.  Life was a struggle and I felt unsuccessful in each role. I was juggling high priorities with high expectations every day. My body told me “enough is enough”. I had a couple of health issues that interrupted life pretty significantly. This was my wake up call to change my life, to become healthy, present and whole.   


I decided to make small changes in my life to include time to heal and nurture myself. I incorporated changes gradually, but consistently to improve my health and well-being.  These small changes led to bigger decisions like starting health coaching classes at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  This program has taught me a lot about healing and health journey with a holistic approach. 


Life is better now with a better understanding of myself and my needs. I feel more confident and excited about each day.  Learning to balance life in many areas has helped me to become a better person in each role.


I am learning how to help others become healthier because of my own journey and IIN. I want to share with others that with the right support they can make incremental changes in their life to become happier and healthier. 

You-turn health coaching is about working together, step by step to reach your goals. 

You Turn Health Coaching Program

The "You Turn Program" was created to help people reach their highest health and lifestyle goals through individualized, personal, and practical coaching.  Clients not only make gains on lifestyle improvement goals but they experience heightened levels of life satisfaction.  A foundational component is to identify primary foods that ultimately bring about more fulfillment physically, relationally, career-wise, and spiritually.  You become healthier when your life is in balance. 

Program Includes:
  • Bi-weekly private coaching sessions: phone, Zoom Meetings, Facetime

  • Personal menu plans that are developed together

  • Support that lasts: email or text support between sessions

  • Handouts, articles, and tip sheets specific to your needs and goals

  • Lifestyle and wellness improvements

Are You Ready to Live Your Best Life?

Live a happy, confident, life-changing way of relating to food and your body.
Let’s get you there, shall we?

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