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Any Day Dinner

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Can't beat using chicken for dinner any day of the week. You will be grateful to have the leftovers to transform into something else just as delicious.

Use left over chicken for many other meals.
Juicy, crispy roasted chicken is for every day!

Welcome home to the smell of chicken roasting in your oven! Love the smell and comfort of chicken slowly cooking with the aromas of warmth and healing. I always buy whole chickens and roast. The chicken is better whole because it is more economical, minimally processed and healthier because of the nutrition from the bones and skin. Bone broths are popular now because we are missing the bones in our everyday cooking. Use whole chickens to feel the difference.

“Do you love the smell of heart warming comfort food flavors in your home with roasting a chicken? What ingredients do you like in your chicken soup? Stuff those in and around your chicken!”

You can season and rub olive oil on your chicken the night before to add so much flavor, but it isn't necessary- whatever you have time for. Enjoy the moment and smells in your home.

Get Creative!

What kind of vegetables do you have around that will not be used? Place them in your chicken to add rich flavor. Adding vegetables underneath the chicken makes a wonderful roasting buffer so that all of the hot circulating air wraps the bird.

Fresh Roasted Wholesome Chicken
Whole chicken and fresh vegetables

All of those vegetables went into and around that chicken! It makes it's own sauce.”

You do not have to have a lot of time to cook amazingly delicious meals. I usually rinse the chicken and pat it dry. You want your meat dry so that the oil and seasonings stay on it well and the dry meat caramelizes better. #feelgood #nourishing

Love Harissa seasoning
Season your Chicken

Fell in such love with harissa seasoning! If you find anything like it-buy it and use on hot wings, tacos, anything #amazing . Harissa paste is an amazing sauce made from roasted red peppers, cumin, garlic, fennel or caraway seeds, coriander seeds, and olive oil- harissa is addictive, so naturally would love this seasoning. Whenever you are curious about a food item just try it, it will add so much flavor in your life. If you don't like it at least you tried. Trying different products will vary your flavors in your home making your meals more exciting.

Cut up the chicken to serve
Let it rest, then slice

After the chicken is cooked, it is super easy to cut- make sure after the breasts are off, you cut across the grain of the meat. Cutting across the grain gives you tender pieces not stringy. Our teeth are meant to chew meat that is cut across the grain, it will be more tender and easier to chew.

Use extra chicken for Chicken Salad or Chicken Tortilla Soup

Let's eat wholesome chicken
Beautiful, fresh and slow roasted

Added some chopped flat leaf parsley, any fresh herbs would be great, a combination of mint, parsley and cilantro or basil. Use anything you have around. Another great accompaniment would be harissa paste. Also garnished with some lemon slices.

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